These stories contain fairly explicit male/male sexual activity. If this is not for you, please read no further as I don't want to cause offence! Instead go HERE and read my het fic.

The "Waiting" Series: How *I* think it all began

The "Afterglow" Series: Still a work in progress: the early days of the relationship

Other Stories

The "Arousal" series: Mulder enters the equation

Wait, there's more ....


Way back before I got the confidence to start writing for myself, Surreal asked me to beta a story she was stuck on. I came up with a few ideas ... and it resulted in this series. (So, everything that has happened since is HER fault!)

The "Comfort" Series

Resolve New Year's Resolutions

If you liked these, you MUST go visit Surreal's site HERE Loads of Gunmen fic, slash and het.

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